mardi 22 juin 2010

The Gazette welcomes the Loyola ruling

The Gazette's editorial in today's issue is favorable to Justice Dugré's ruling. Extract.

Loyola High's principal, Paul Donovan, assailed by reporters at yesterday's press conference.
The ruling, in a case brought by the private Catholic Loyola High School, is excellent news for those who believe in freedom of religion and in parental choice in education. However, the ruling sends the government, and society in general, back to Square One in the matter of teaching about religious tolerance and the equality of religions in the public sphere.

The ERC course, with its no-religion-is-more-right-that-any-other theme, was part of Quebec's too-often-panicky approach to the whole problem of accommodating and integrating religious and other minorities. There might well be a need to ensure that no Quebec schools are systematically producing religious bigots, but mandating this course was using far too big a hammer for the job. Loyola has given Montreal a steady stream of distinguished citizens; we haven't heard of any religious fanatics among them.

A strong majority of Loyola parents had asked that their children not be taught the mandatory ERC course, since it prevented the school from teaching from a Catholic perspective, which is after all the purpose of a Catholic school. When the government refused an exemption, Loyola's administration was emboldened to go to court. It has now won vindication for freedom of choice across the board: Other religious high schools will surely apply the ruling, and public schools will also have to grapple with the problem.

That's fine. This ill-conceived denial of religious orientation in the teaching of ethics won't be missed.

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