mardi 1 septembre 2009

Ethics and religious culture – Coalition for freedom in education (CLE) considers appealing

DRUMMONDVILLE, QC, Sept. 1 /CNW Telbec/- Ruling by the Quebec Superior Court in Drummondville against the parents opposed to the Ethics and religious culture curriculum who had requested that their fundamental rights of freedom of conscience and religion be respected.

“We are shocked. This judgment is based on an interpretation of the Catholic doctrine whereas we claim that the rights of all parents, whether Catholic, Protestant or Atheist, are to be respected”, declared the president of the Coalition for freedom in education (CLE), Marie-Josée Croteau.

According to the Coalition’s spokesman, Richard Décarie, “the courts are qualified to rule on the sincerity of the religious or philosophical belief of the plaintiff. But the State is not in a position to referee between interpretations of religious faiths, nor should it do so in the future.”

The Coalition questions thus the legal basis of this decision. The parents’ lawyers will be analyzing the grounds of this decision in the coming days.

“The parents’ modest means, when compared to those of the State financed by our very own taxes, will not prevent us from appealing against this decision, if need be” stated Mrs. Croteau.

Two other decisions related to the ERC course are awaited: one involving pupils in Granby who were suspended for not having attended ERC classes, and the other involving Loyola High School, a private school in Montreal which requested that it be allowed to adapt the ERC to comply with its religious mandate.

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