jeudi 10 janvier 2013

Loyola's principal Paul Donovan on ERC Court Case

Loyola principal Paul Donovan said in a video (above) that his school did not go to court "just to get our way" but because the issue involved "society as a whole."

Donovan said that at the heart of the issue is the "ministry saying that as a confessional institution, we are unable to teach the recognition of others — tolerance, understanding — and the pursuit of the common good."

"From the perspective of the Ministry of Education, of the Quebec government, and affirmed by the Court of Appeals, we can only [teach these values] as secularists, from a secular perspective," he said.

Donovan added that the court decision does not "bode well" for a society that values religious diversity, particularly in terms of the "richness that religions of all types have to offer, and in particular the contribution of Catholicism in schools like Loyola that have contributed so much to our society, and to the well being of society."

Loyola High School has until the second of February to decide whether it appeals the Court of Appeal decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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