lundi 20 février 2012

Talkshow — The Supreme Court didn't agree, neither did our panelists

The majority of Canada's top court on Friday rejected an appeal from parents here in Quebec who sought the right to keep their children out of the ethics and religious culture program. The program was introduced in 2008 to elementary and high schools, replacing religion classes with a curriculum covering all major faiths found in Quebec culture.

The judges of the the Supreme Court didn’t all agree and neither did my FREE FOR ALL panel.

National Post columnist Barbara Kay and Lawyer Anne-France Goldwater also known as the jurist on L’Arbitre on Tele-V had a heated discussion.

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Professor Douglas Farrow's "On the Ethics and Religious Culture Program" Report as Expert Witness in the Loyola High School vs. Ministry of Education court case.

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Anonyme a dit…


Goldwater me fait plutôt peur avec son « inoculation » athée.

Elle donnerait plutôt raison aux parents.