lundi 15 juin 2009

Taking away choice is the problem

Letter sent to the Gazette of Montreal:
Government witness Georges Leroux, a designer of Quebec's Ethics and Religious Culture program stated that "we (i.e., Quebec) did not want to produce robots," implying that this is what the old program did and therefore the need for change. Ironically, many free thinkers with sound moral and ethical values such as he ( I hope) are a product of that which he believes needs to be changed.

Parents had a choice between religious or ethics instruction for their children. Within each program there was room for learning the beliefs of other religions but without negating one's own. Taking away that choice is where the problem lies.

The new program has its merits, but when it's forced upon someone, it does the same thing that the old program is being falsely accused of having done: indoctrination. This time, though, it's the state doing it: indoctrinating students that all religions are the same and that the principles found in his/her religion on abstinence, fidelity, abortion, etc. are all up for discussion.

Nick Furfaro


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Romanus a dit…

The problem with the new program is that it's plain garbage!