jeudi 13 décembre 2012

Tommy Schnurmacher on Loyola High school

The Tommy Schnurmacher Show (Montreal English Talk Radio) on the 7th of December about the Court of appeal's ruling forcing Loyola High School, a Catholic private high school,  to teach ethics and religion from a secular perspective!


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A listener says that if parents don't want their children to be taught the controversial Ethics and religious culture course, they just need to send their children to a completely private school, receiving no subsidies. This is incorrect. All pupils in Quebec (except those of the Kativik School Board) have to attend ERC classes during ten years, in all public schools, in all private schools and even, theoretically, those home-schooled.

Soutenons les familles dans leurs combats juridiques (reçu fiscal pour tout don supérieur à 50 $)

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Josh a dit…

I just love how Shurmacher answers the freshly endoctrinated teacher...