vendredi 25 juin 2010

Mère juive : Loyola, une école multiculturelle qui ne méritait pas cet acharnement bureaucratique

Letter to the editor published in The Gazette of Montreal today.

Loyola doesn't deserve this

Re: "A victory for religious freedom" (Editorial, June 22).

My son was the only Jewish boy to attend Loyola during the years he insisted on being with his Italian and Irish buddies through high school. Fearful he might be indoctrinated with Catholicism, I watched closely over the passing terms. Besides exempting him from any religious dogma, the priests continually made positive references about the Old Testament.

At graduation, the band played the Hava Nagilla right along with Danny Boy and O Sole Mio. How ironic that a school conducting itself with so respectfully should be subjected to this continual legal onslaught.

Myra Curtis Cote St. Luc

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