vendredi 4 septembre 2009

Quebec Coalition Demands Respect for Rights of Parents to Decide Education of Their Children

Notes Judges decision on school relativism course based on faulty understanding of Catholicism

September 4, 2009 ( - Quebec's Coalition pour la Liberté en Education (CLE) has expressed their shock over the Monday court ruling in Drummondville that shut down parents' attempts to have their children exempted from the province's recently imposed school program in relativism, 'Ethics and Religious Culture' (ERC).

Questioning the legal basis of the ruling, CLE president Marie-Josée Croteau criticized the judge for basing his decision on the teachings of the Catholic Church. "We are surprised and indignant," she said. "This decision is based on an interpretation of the Catholic religion, so we demand respect for the rights of all citizens, believers and atheists."

"The courts are qualified to rule on the sincerity of the religious or philosophical belief of the plaintiff," said CLE spokesman Richard Décarie. "The State is not capable to act as an arbiter of religions and will not become so."

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