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Dramatic turn of events in Drummondville : expert Gilles Routhier interrupts his expertise…

WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2009 — DAY 3

Mr. Gilles Routhier, priest, theologian and professor at Université Laval witnesses for the government and the imposition of the Ethics and Religious Culture course.

Mr. Routhier, fervent adept of the conditional, as well as overlapping distinctions, first attempted to show that the Catholic doctrine allowed the ERC course, and that the Catholic bishops were favourable towards the course.

Me Bélisle, one of the lawyers for the Lavallée parents, after having read the bishops’ communiqué dated March 17, 2008, succeeded in having the theologian admit that the Québec bishops had multiple reservations with regards to the implementation of the ERC course that they had not wanted in the first place:
« The government’s decision with regards to the program having already been taken, the Council of Catholic Bishops of Québec can only give its opinion on the subject.


... preoccupying questions

This program raises some preoccupying questions : for example, in the area of ethics, there are few significant indicators other than those that discuss harmonious social relations; the sociocultural approach to the religious phenomenon could lead to a reduced vision of the experience of a believer; it is not possible to predict the effect of being exposed to such a diversity of views, especially for children in elementary school.

The bishops state that it is difficult to answer these questions in the abstract. Experience will be the judge of whether or not the advantages of the program outweigh its limits, and if its application will be coherent with the good intentions that are stated.”

Mr. Routhier was still trying to pull a few tricks when the tables were turned. In light of his insistence in trying to interpret texts from the magisterium to say that they allowed the imposition of the government ERC course, Me Bélisle produced an official document from the Congregation for Catholic Education that would contradict Mr. Routhier’s interpretation. Surprised by this new document addressed to Catholic bishops worldwide and abundantly quoting texts from the magisterium, Mr. Routhier was left speechless as he feverishly read through this new document. Finally, the court allowed the theologian to interrupt his cross-examination. Friday, after much time to think things through, Mr. Routhier’s cross-examination will be brought to a close.

Access to document from the Congregation for Catholic Education (PDF, 7 pages)

Professional activities forgotten or hidden?

Confusion during cross-examination of Mr. Jacques Pettigrew, responsible for ERC course at the Monopoly of Education.

During interrogation on April 27, 2009, before appearing in court before the judge, here is what Mr. Jacques Pettigrew had affirmed regarding his professional activities:

Question from Me Bélisle — Therefore from seventy-six (76) to two thousand and nine (2009), up until now approximately, did you hold any professional activities other than that of teaching in the private sector or in the public sector of education, or any other related activities?

Reply from Jacques Pettigrew — From seventy-six (76), therefore after my entrance into university, as I mentioned a while ago, two (2) years in a (youth?) center as an educator. I also took a year off without pay during the eighteen (18) years I taught, that is nine (9) months of leave without pay to go to Nicaragua as an international volunteer.

Q — But never any other professional activity other than what you have just described?

R — No. To my knowledge… well, no, not that I recall.

Q — Neither as a consultant…

R — No.

Q — ... nor with private businesses…

R — No.

Q — ... that belong to you, nothing?

R — No.

However, it is now apparent that Mr. Jacques Pettigrew has hidden from the court that he had other professional activities related to the future implementation of the ERC course while he was actually participating in its elaboration.

Mr. Pettigrew, who recently made an extensive trip to India to study Hinduism, actually offered his paid services as a guide during organized tours of temples, pagodas, mosques, vegetarian restaurants and Krishna devotees' places of worship.

The production of the documents below had the effect of a cold shower in the court room; Mr. Jacques Pettigrew looking towards his lawyers as if requesting their assistance, or was it to implore forgiveness in light of this embarrassing oversight? Mr. Pettigrew was also surprised that the parents’ lawyers had found this information, since he had not renewed the domain name of his business and he thought this information had disappeared on the Internet.

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