jeudi 1 mars 2012

Supreme Court — Break with Common Law Putting the Onus on Parents rather than the State

Michael Coren and Father Raymond de Souza on the Supreme Court’s decision that you will be told what to teach your kids when it comes to religion.

(A few imprecisions and lack of details by Father Raymond de Souza but good that — at long last! — SUN TV speaks about it...)

Two articles on this topic in Convivium

By Prof. Douglas Farrow

If the Quebec government is compelling school kids to invent fantasy religions, is the endgame to have us all worshipping the state and nothing but the state?

By Prof. John Zucchi

When Quebec politicians are assaulting religious freedom in private schools, daycares and even private assemblies it's time to get off our knees.

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Praying Mother Earth in Elementary School, very nice.
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See also

Professor Douglas Farrow's "On the Ethics and Religious Culture Program" Report as Expert Witness in the Loyola High School vs. Ministry of Education court case.

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Wim a dit…

Michael Coren should invite Professor Douglas Farrow or Counselor Mark Phillips they know the ins and outs of this court case...