mardi 21 octobre 2008

Questioning the Ethics and religious culture course

(Version anglaise de l'émission Sel et Lumière consacrée au cours d'ECR, mais avec un peu de matériel original en anglais)

In continuing its Catholic religion course, Montreal’s Loyola High School now contravenes the government’s new Ethics and Religious Culture curriculum.

Salt and Light, a Canadian Catholic not-for-profit cable network, investigates the reasons behind the refusal of Loyola to teach this course. As we will see, Loyola's principal, Paul Donovan, claims ERC imposes a relativistic agenda on students and that this ideology may not be imposed by a government on a Catholic institution.

In the process of this report, Salt and Light asks Bishop Pierre Morissette, one of the bishops in favour of this course, Mr. Bergevin, a representative of Quebec’s Ministry of Education, Richard Décarie of the Coalition pour la liberté en éducation and the principal of Loyola High School to present their point of views on this controversial course.

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